Online Exhibits

El Rancho Motel by Brian Herbel, 2013 On the Trail of Teton County’s Historic Tourist Accommodations

Tourism in Teton County began soon after the first permanent settlement took place around 1883, when early settlers provided overnight accommodations to big game hunters and those curious and hardy enough to explore Yellowstone, the country’s first national park. Tourism gradually increased as roads and other infrastructure made the trip more comfortable in the early [...]

Beaver Dick Leigh Flash Fiction Contest – Stories and Photographs

Students Turn Historical Photos into Gripping Yarns Have you ever looked at an old photograph and imagined about the stories it holds?  This fall and winter, students at Jackson Hole Middle School, Jackson Hole High School, and Summit High School did just that.  Nearly 200 students wrote stories that brought historic photographs to life. The [...]

1958.2611.001 National Elk Refuge: 1912 – 2012 by Shannon Sullivan

For thousands of years, Elk herds migrated through Jackson Hole on their way to winter ranges in the Red Desert, Green River drainage, Big Horn Basin and Teton Valley. As settlements in these areas expanded in the late 1800’s, the traditional elk feeding grounds were replaced with cultivated fields and pastures.