Get involved with the Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum and join us in celebrating our western heritage.

citycouncilwomen Membership
Become a member of the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum, a community organization dedicated to celebrating our western heritage with both locals and visitors.
The JHHSM relies on the generosity of donors to help fulfill our mission of preserving and sharing the heritage of Jackson Hole.
Bully barn under construction Volunteer
JHHSM offers many opportunities to volunteer in a variety of capacities to suit any interest or skill level. By volunteering your time you’ll meet some interesting people, have some fun, and help us tell the story of Jackson Hole.
CFJH_logo_color_oldbills_2013 Old Bill's Fun Run
Thanks to generous support through Old Bill’s Fun Run, the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum has made more impact on our community than ever before.
Business Partners
A special thanks to our Business Partners that help support the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum.
Philip Wilson and family Business Partnership Membership
It is important that we have the support of the community in this endeavor and we want to enable special recognition for businesses that support the Museum and what it stands for. As a business partner, the name of your business will be featured by us at Museum events and in publications.